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.. der sich an meinen Bericht "Strohwodenwahn" anlehnt, habe ich heute verfasst und bei facebook eingestellt:


Through history, probably 1000 names have been given to the weird - often considered to be stormy - phenomenon, that used to 'hit' the fields and leave tracks and damage behind. Whoever was or is responsible, also affected the animals. Agriculture and livestock farming belong together and are the base for nourishment, after man started to settle. Many thousand years ago, men have answered the destructive and dreaded phenomenon by sacrificing (and many rituals are passed on in antique books, some of which I read, for you can't get a picture without knowing about these historical facts). This in a way, imo happens to this day. Some of these modern, substitute rites are still acted out in farming area, along with numberless rites performed elsewhere for related – or else reasons.

However, not only the destruction was said to cling to this godly force, also fertileness was closed connected seeds life (seed/Sa-tus), and it takes life (Grim Reaper). Hence, most worshipping and sacrificing also hold a part of fertility rites (to the point of sexual abusive rituals). Birth, and death, both belong to the circle of life. Reportedly, one of the options to take in the power of life, that was supported through brutal sacrifice-slaughter, was eating the leftover flesh (especially genitals) of the sacrifice. That way,they became a part of the circle, as in rebirth. Btw. the chosen sacrifice's body often was hollowed, the organs and bones were removed, and the almost undamaged shell (skin) was offered (wonder, where they got these ideas from?).

[Besides, the idea of using bodily destruction in order to re-new some lifepower has been carried out by shamans (religious leaders and mediums) all over the world ever since, by setting theirselves up to a state of trance (usually by drugs, drums or religious phrases), where their body is totally taken to pieces and destroyed, and every bone is broken - until they get rearranged and put together anew, then finally can 'come back' (re-incarnate) from that state, holding extraordinary, otherworldy (healing-) powers.]

The 'whatever it is' force has, at some point, started off with life-affecting action, and was answered by man, whose actions were led by different ways to interpret. Clearly, the destructive force implicated the way of interpretation. Each variety of unexplainable destruction and expression required a reasonable and proper re-action. That way, a human culture was formed.

The fact, that the unknown force changed its implications - what finally led to what we have now - imo proves, that the original intention of outer intervention is not really,what man thought it to be. Probably, the answer to the 'who and why' is not to be found in mutilated animals left behind, and not in marks and witnesses, that are left, - but in the implication of this, and in the 'what do they want us to think'. And this may apply to all other paranormal matters as well. Any (and mostly very wrong) conclusion is probably nothing more than the result of interpreting all laid out tracks and ideas, - those, that were laid out, and performed, for a manipulative reason (for they obvious make no sense at all).

Imo man has to learn, an Ufo in the sky, is rather anything, but hardly ever what you see. Considering, physics is just a crutch to stay in the habitual dimension of time, any physical track left by paranormal interference is a demonstrated trick as well.

I anyway believe, everything that's experienced, whether its seen, heard, or otherwise felt during the episode and time lapse of a paranormal incident, is part of the manipulation already (it's interferencing time, hence it can't be understood in our physical-bonded view). There's no way to objective judge whatever absurdity is seen or performed. That's why nobody could ever come up with a reasonable answer: There is no reason other than one, that we are part of.

Since the underlying message of most attacks is not only partly absurd, but often either deadly or otherwise morbid ( least very disturbing), it may as well be possible, it's just all an concept of death telling us, 'he' is in control, no matter what. Being born and life is obvious nothing more but a process of dying. Without this circle, without ending, there would be no time-dimensional existence.

Regarding all the Uforesearchers, getting wrinkled over doing some strained thinking about engines and directions and sketching patterns , - the Ghosthunters spending their nights at some dark, creepy places, waiting to be haunted themself, - or all the camouflage-dressed Bigfoothunters crawling the woods of the world, equipped with sophisticated intsrument, theres a very deep! humorous - if not ridiculous - side to it all. They live what they were fed with: An thoroughly planted illusion! - and they somehow support fooling ourselves.

The whole mess consisting of unexplained animals deaths, cropcircles, Ufos, lights, helicopters, creatures, vanishing humans and animals, paranormal occurences, synchromystics etc. AND witnesses seems to be a prank played out by an unendingly bored force or system, exisiting at a point of no time, creating physics and time in order to be entertained. (When doing so, the force in charge is constantly naturally moving along the border between 'explainable' and 'unexplainable'). Hence, any answer one could come up with AFTER considering all these ideas, would as well be answering the enigma of religious servileness. If there's a truth to the mind of religion, then it's base is conditioned fear.
Furthermore, this original - planted - fear seems to contain a link to ancient vampire mythology. After all, worldwide performed, bloodily rituals - as well as mutilations - do indicate the existence of a (misunderstood) vampire mystery.

Be honored, if you're picked to be part of the ensemble, - and beware: never get boring! Love them, they widely spread told you to! I have explained all this, and more, very detailed in my reports on my page.

Corinna, Febr. 2013
[on the 18. anniversary of my first close up Ufo sighting, and not long after the 16. anniversary of witnessing a 'demon', that killed a relative] - based on my work on my webpage]

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