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The Original Interview, ENGLISH

Here is an interview I just did with the US researcher Eve Lorgen, about her experiences and about her book:
"The love bite - Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships"


Corinna: Eve, when did you first start to research about the UFO and Alien Topic and when did you stumble across "love bite cases"?

Eve: All my life I have had interests in “extraterrestrials” in the naive hopes they were all benevolent, here for our spiritual evolvement. After I started reading Bud Hopkins books, Missing Time, Intruders, etc., in the late 70’s - was when I realized that some of my own experiences in life were classic alien abductions. From that time on I sought out as many books on ET’s, UFO abductions and spirituality.

It wasn’t until the mid 1990’s that I stumbled across the “love bite” syndrome, which was explained to me by veteran abductions researcher and hypnotherapist, Barbara Bartholic. It was Dr. Karla Turner’s work who led me to meet Barbara Bartholic. At the time there were several abductees in my support group going through what they believed to be “orchestrated relationships” by their alien handlers.

Corinna: What sort of beings do you think' Aliens' are, where are they from, what do they mainly want?

Eve: The alien species are varied. There are many reports of different types of aliens, such as the small Greys, Insectoids,( preying mantis types) tan and brown Grey humanoids, short black hooded troll types, lizard reptoids, human Nordic types, tall black Greys, Tall Whites, large Dragon beings and the cloaked hooded beings with red glowing snake like eyes - which may bea type of Reptilian species. There are reports of dark “shadow people”, dark energy “blobs”, balls of light, and all manner of ghostly interdimensional beings, who may not be aliens at all - or those who abduct us physically.

The aliens may be from different time lines, locations within or outside of our own solar system and galaxy. Some beings who are considered interdimensional, may be from what shamans call “the upper world or the lower world”. Reptilians are rumored to be from our own world, living in subterranean caverns. Other ET’s are believed to be from Sirius, Zeta Reticuli, Alpha Centauri, etc. But I do not have any facts as to these claims.

From the abduction reports, I believe the Greys ( at least the ones performing genetic, medical and emotional experiments) and many Reptilians are seeking from us a delicacy that amounts to human prana and “kundalini sexual energy”. If we look deeply into the energetics and spiritual aspects of the abduction activities, we can see that there is something deeper going on. This is what the "love bite dramas" led me to hypothesize. Primal creative energy can be generated from a human emotional and physical body through amplicfication of the sexual and kundalini energy pathways.

Corinna: What do you think about some Paranormal researchers opinions, saying this is NOT an Extraterrestrial but an old daimonic (demonic) phenomenon and beneath this is an unknown control mechanism working for their own concerns?

Eve: I believe there is much truth to this basic assertion. However, it is best to avoid simple black and white assumptions regarding the complex “alien” presence. From my own experiences and observations of other alien abductees and genuine spiritual seekers, there is something true about how “spiritual warfare” plays itself out within the alien abduction and “interference” syndrome. In the Love Bite book I describe the events which precede and follow an abductee’s search for the truth of their own experiences. There is blatant and subtle interference by unseen forces to counteract the awareness process, of challenging the alien presence and motives. It’s like a game, or as Barbara Bartholic has remarked, “It is one big Nintendo Game”.

If there is one researcher who I’d like to comment on is the brilliant gnostic scholar John Lash. He has written many books and articles addressing the ancient Coptic Gnostic beliefs about the “Archons” - who are described as an “alien force” who infect the human mind with ideological viruses, which deviate humanity from our true human potential. This occurs mainly through delusional beliefs about divinity. This Archontic intrusion manifests through four basic pathways: religious ideology, mental syntax, the power of suggestion, and direct collusion (abduction). In the First Apocalypse of James (A tractate in the Nag Hammadi Library) there are passages which describe encounters with ET-like beings, sometimes with explicit advice on how to deal with these entities and “Archontic manipulation”. Ancient Gnostics were not only well aware of “Archontic intrusion” but of the possibility of humans becoming totally “Archontized”. This observation parallels the tendency of some contactees and overzealous religious and UFO cult groups to become heavily influenced by reptilian and Draconian beings, and even becoming “hosted” by them.

To elaborate further, in John Lash’s, article, “Kundalini and the Alien Force" (, the Archons envy humanity primarily because we live in the body of their Mother - Sophia. Inherent in our human nature is the power of kundalini, the serpent power. According to Gnostic myth, the Archons are a species of inorganic beings produced anomalously by the impact of the Aeon Sophia upon atomic matter, before Sophia herself became transformed into the Earth (Gaia mythos). They are called Archons because they arose before the Earth and the solar system were evolved, but they did not emerge directly from the Pleroma as humanity did.

In a sense, they are our kin, but not like us in our ability to exhibit basic kindness, goodness, and nous - the creative divine intelligence. Humanity has the gift of epinoia, which is the faculty of creative imagination as opposed to mental fantasy and pretending - which the Archons are known to do quite well. For example, the aliens use of virtual reality in mind control and abductions.

In my opinion, the aliens who orchestrate love obsessions where the emotional drama hits a peak, are trying to build up the kundalini serpent power within the abductee, and then siphon this energy for their own usage. In a sense, it appears they are trying to mimic what sacred sexuality and tantra create; supernatural power and “siddhis”. The ancient Gnostics who were aware and understood the “Archontic Game Plan” knew that if they could raise and nurture their own kundalini serpent power through spiritual practice and sacred sexuality, they could overcome the intrusions of the alien powers. In the Gospel of Philip, (passage 70), it is written that “the alien powers do not see those who are clothed in the perfect light, and so they are not able to restrain them.” In other words, the initiate of sacred sexuality is able to overcome the influence of the Archons (read Reptilian and Dracos), who produce error in our minds and threaten to take over our bodies.

John Lash asserts in his aforementioned article that, “The Archons use a lot of bluff and bravado. They affect our minds to get us to believe they can do far more than they can actually do, but in so believing, we unwittingly surrender our power to them. The result being, they get their way with us, because we have betrayed our own capacities. Hence, the Archons claim to rule over humanity and even pretend to be our creators.” In contemporary terms, we can say they are “posers”. And those who are easily manipulated, and “Archontized” are what I call “muppetized.”

Corinna: Can you give a short description of what you have experienced by yourself?

Eve: A short description is difficult but I will attempt it! My experiences with the paranormal and interdimensinoal visitations started very early in life even before I started walking, which was at nine months. One of my earliest memories is of floating above the ground watching my two older sisters playing in the backyard of our home, getting into ant poisen. I tried warn them to not get into it, but they could not hear me. Later my mother told me that my sisters both had to be taken to the hospital to get their stomachs pumped out because they did eat the ant poisen.

When I told my mother I remember seeing them get into the poisen and trying to warn them, she said, “That’s impossible! You were only nine months old and couldn’t even walk.” But I do recall, and I was having a fully conscious out of body experience.

The alien visitations started at least by 4 years of age, and I distinctly recall a missing time experience in my backyard with a friend, while both our mothers supervised us, as we played on a swing set. A large jet plane flew very slowly and hovered overhead, and I was excited that I could see this, and was proud of not being scared of it (of course jets do not hover low over ones yard, and it was not a jet). My friend on the swing set was terrified and hysterically screamed about the big jet hovering over our yard. I ran to tell my mother about it and she and my friend’s mother were frozen, and said nothing as if in a complete trance, unmoving. I ended up running off chasing after my friend who ran away. At the day’s end, I excitedly wanted to tell my father about the big jet in our yard, but my mother kept interrupting me not to talk, as if “instructed” not to talk about it.

During childhood I did have nighttime visitors, one in particular was a dark robed entity, a male. I also had repetitive dreams of “Tony the Tiger” a cartoon character, which I later realized to be a screen memory of aliens. My mother recalls abductions involving the entire family, and I recall abductions at age 12, and into my adult years, including a missing pregnancy in 1986-7. Two months before my son was conceived I received an alien telepathic message that “We need more offspring”. I was well aware of an alien presence in my life encouraging me to get pregnant, and I gave birth to my son in 1992.

There have been visitations off an on all my adult life as well, but the intrusions are decreasing as I do more spiritual practices and inner work. And of course I’ve experienced an “alien love bite - an orchestrated love obsession with another (so called) “abductee”. It was one of the most profound and painful emotional experiences in my entire life. This is what inspired me to write my book, “The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships”.

Corinna: In your intriguing book “The Love Bite” you talk about how aliens interfere with human love relationships. That is a very scary thought... What are the typical signs for something like that happening?

Eve: In my book I go into detail about the signs and symptoms of being in a possible alien orchestrated love relationship. Basically, if you are an abductee with multiple encounter events in your life and family line, have had UFO sightings, missing time, you experience a "deja vu" of knowing and being with this “partner” before, love at first sight, paranormal events and synchronicities surrounding the alien chosen partner, vivid dreams of the partner before meeting, sensations of “astral sex” and bonding with the partner during dreams, a strong empathic and even telepathic connection with the love partner, a love obsession to find and be with this mate, at all odds. Then if the love obsession progresses into a relationship, it may suddenly take a turn with the other partner becoming switched off, often after an alien visitation or abduction. Oftentimes the feelings are mutual at least for a time.

This may go on for months or years and happen with more than one “alien chosen” love partner. It’s a high drama emotional roller coaster replete with paranormal and psychic effects, and can leave the stricken person in exhaustion. One may be guided to meet and interact with a targeted partner, with the aliens giving you telepathic instructions and even subliminal suggestions to do things with this person you may not ordinarily do. During the high drama of the love connection, alien visitations and paranormal events escalate.

Corinna: Why would it happen at all? Do "aliens" aim at some sort of overwhelming emotions-, whether good or bad?

Eve: I think aliens will try to influence humans who can be influenced due to our own lack of awareness and spiritual empowerment. There is also a genetic factor here, regardless. Physical abductions are at the most overt end of alien intrusion. There are more subtle levels of alien intrusion in human affairs, and as one increases their level of awareness and paranormal perception, we start to see a larger picture, much like the ancient Gnostics warned us about with the Archons.

One must keep in mind when I speak of “aliens” here, I am only referring to the ones involved in intrusive abductions where our rights are violated. One of these basic rights is to have our own awareness of their intrusions blocked by alien mind control. I am not speaking of other types of beings such as benevolent angels, and interdimensionals and even benevolent ET’s. Basically by their deeds, ye shall know them, is the rule of thumb. But this is also dependent on ones level of awareness, and how their own religious beliefs may put them in the way of being a victim of “alien perpetrators”. In general the “negative aliens” will try to steal from us what they cannot produce on their own: primal creative love energy via kundalini arousal, and a deep emotional connection to the divine source.

They tend to lack empathy, which drives them to want to feed off high drama as if it is a drug they desperately need. Beings who are deeply connected to divine love and intelligence do not need to be vampires of human prana. Negative beings, and evil sorcerers do however. Benevolent beings will act in compassionate ways to expand our own awareness process, not shut it down, or try to get us to worship them as Gods.

Based on what I have observed, the aliens - or whoever is acting behind this image (!) - have several reasons for putting two people together:

- Harvesting of energies generated through high emotional drama and sexual kundalini arousal.
- To disrupt the abductees life when for example, they are on a truth quest to find out what happened to them, and then they are led on a wild goose chase, emotional roller coaster in a love bite set up - or break up of an existing relationship. The disruption motive happens to many researchers and those who are “breaking alien programming”.
- For reproductive purposes, so the couple has children that the aliens want.
- In milab cases, a love bite can be used to amplify the kundalini so that the abductee’s paranormal and psychic abilities are enhanced before being sent off on “mind controlled ops”.

Corinna: Is love, developed under "alien" power, not real love?

Eve: This is an excellent question. I think the love is real, genuine when two people realize they have a very powerful connection, regardless of how they got together. What is disturbing is how easy it is for the aliens to manipulate us who don’t seem to have the strength to defend against these machinations. They can switch off one person leaving the other pining away in unrequited love for years.

In the Ted Rice Case, it was revealed that the aliens created a powerful heart connection between Ted and his partner Jill, by weaving some of Jill’s heart chakra energies into Ted’s heart center. This process wasn’t reversed and the result was a strong love connection for Ted to fall in love with Jill. Her heart was put into his, but not vice versa. In this case, we can see that the alien maneuverings had to do with our heart energies. I think there is more to this however.

In another love bite case, (unpublished), the abductee was told by her alien handlers that they will try to match certain persons together based on past life karmic connections, and these connections can be observed by the aliens as a kind of energy tendril connected between certain people. So when the aliens match two persons together, they look for strong past life connections via the energy body. This particular abductee was told that not all love connections they put together would be successful. So in this case, we can say that when someone is matched to a targeted partner who they already have a past life karmic connection, then the love between them—and the connection- is real. The connection has been “helped along”.

Corinna: Having been “bitten” into a relationship, does that mean - in your opinion -, it is "meant to be" by a higher (godly?) force?

Eve: I believe all events in our lives are in some way caused by previous conditions, whether it’s karmic or present life situations. From a transcendent perspective we can say that all events in our lives happen for our greater learning and awareness. But this doesn’t mean that a perpetrator, abuser or unpleasant person in our life is doing what they do to us for our own “betterment”. They are a perpetrator; a snake is a snake and a wolf is a wolf and an alien is an alien. They have their own motives for doing what they do, based on where they are at spiritually. What is important is our own intent and purity of heart to learn higher wisdom. When we make this spiritual choice, then the larger Universal power aligns with us to create circumstances to yield greater learning.

In my own experiences with aliens, as I shifted into a more empowered perspective, the victimizations decreased in my life with respect to aliens and other relationships. The aliens would change their strategy from the physical abductions to more “dream hackings” where they attempted to ruin my self-esteem and confidence. Or the aliens would mess with other persons like my family or friends. If I felt poorly about myself and sense of power, they had a greater stronghold in my life.

Corinna: Can a relationship like that be a real good one, that’s worth to fight for, no matter what - OR does it necessarily have to be a bad and dramatic ending one?

Eve: Again, the success of a love relationship depends on the wisdom and inner strength of each partner, regardless of alien interference. The love is real, and can be used to our advantage. We can choose to love one another and not allow “alien manipulations” to stand in the way, if we both are aware of what we are dealing with. The problem is that one partner is generally more aware then the other. Or one partner is just so unaware and easily manipulated based on their own weaknesses, that the relationship not worth chasing after. True love that is powerful, and selfless also knows when the wisest choice is to let go of a partner who we know would be unhealthy for us. The most powerful love relationships are those where you can practice sacred sexuality and tantra. (But watch out for the reptilians and Dracs on your tail! Spritual protection is highly recommended!)

There is an interview on my web site of a love bite experiencer named Kundra. She discovered through many years of reflection, that she was targeted by a reptilian “host” black magician because of her ability to transmit shakti energy through tantric means. As a side note, I have observed that the more spiritually gifted a person is, the more the aliens target these people, if they can. This is also true of milabs. Milabs are genuine alien abductees who have military/human (secret government) abductions. These persons are basically sheep dipped into the deep black ops as agents because of their latent paranormal abilities, such as telekinesis, remote viewing, telepathic communication abilities, etc. Milabs are often targeted in love bite relationships, where the “Romeo agent” sent to them acts in controlling or disruptive ways to keep them silent about their experiences. They are derailed from a therapeutic healing journey regarding all their trauma and abductions.

Corinna: Don’t most people have trouble in relationships, so - how can you tell the difference?

Eve: Most people have great difficulty in relationships anyway and when you are an alien abductee or milab this is compounded significantly. With an abductee, they tend to have alien watchers who keep them in a lifestyle or relationship that benefits the aliens. Depending on what the aliens want their chosen ones for will determine how much of a stronghold they have on the relationship choices. If they want the abductee or milab to remain in an unaware, state of ignorance and chaos and partial dissociation, then that abductee will be placed in an unfufilling or even controlling marriage so that they remain in a perpetual state of disruption. I’ve seen this over and over again. If the aliens/handlers are benevolent, they wouldn’t create so much havoc to maintain control.

I’ve had a few abductees report that they were matched with a great partner and then gotten married and had children. These abductees don’t consider themselves victims and prefer to call themselves contactees or experiencers if their aliens are acting in benevolent ways. These cases are the exception rather than the rule. What is disturbing is when a former contactee who promoted their aliens as spiritually uplifting space brothers, starts challenging their aliens, or they have memories surface which are not what they wanted to believe. This is when the aliens shift strategies and may start acting in ways to prevent the “experiencers” true awareness.

Again, when I say this I’m only referring to the aliens who are deceitful. I’ve met many abductees who have had both positive and negative encounters with various types of beings. I have come to believe that if one has a pure intent to search for the truth, regardless of what they want to believe, then the Universe responds to this quest with helpers from various realms. These helpers assist that truth seeker to become more aware and liberated. And this sometimes causes confrontations with other aliens.

Corinna: The thought, unknown intelligent entities manipulate our feelings, love and behaviour, suggests, that there isn’t really a free will - at least not for so called “abductees”. Do you think it is possible, these peoples life is totally under "alien" mind control (who- or whatever they are), like they are being taken over, without knowing so?

Eve: I think our freedom depends on our level of awareness and our purity of intent. The less aware we are, the less control we have when it comes to aliens interfering. I think aliens are superior when it comes to mind control techniques, and yes, many are under their “spell”. From my own learning experiences, the more aware I have become, and the more I’ve challenged the alien mind games, the more power I’ve retained. (or at least I think so!)

The physical alien interactions are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of their influence over humanity. As we develop our own perceptions into the paranormal, we start to see much more. It is our own belief systems, which entrap us into giving our power away. Even if this is true, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have compassion for those who appear more victimized by the aliens. These kinds of experiences, can happen to anyone, even the best of us.

Corinna: What’s your advice for all the relevant people, especially those, that suffer from sudden unrequited love?

Eve: Whether we are abductees or not, we can still have relationships and love affairs gone “unrequited”. It hurts like hell, but can open our eyes to the illusions, which caused the suffering in the first place. Of course, it’s much more than illusions, and many of us abductees were simply born into a family where visitations took place, sometimes for several generations. We must be willing to look at “what is” as opposed to what we want to believe. And let it go. I wish it were easier. There is a saying, “Its better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.”

On the bright side, once you’ve experienced an alien orchestrated love relationship, you can recognize another one and so not allow the next one to affect you as badly. Our worst enemy isn’t the aliens so much as our fear of sharing our experiences, and thus remaining isolated or ridiculed and rejected. For me, it has been worth the effort of coming out in the open and sharing about the love bite. I’ve met some wonderful people who will remain friends for a lifetime.

Corinna: I find the book - the whole topic - very disturbing, and is not first time I have heard of it - but I for one am into this topic, and open to all ideas. How do “Outsiders” react , what did your family - circle of friends say?

Eve: Well, outsiders who have not had the experience or heard of it will most likely shake their heads thinking you’re crazy. Luckily, my immediate family was receptive and supportive of my book. Most often the only people who will believe this are those who have had the experience or know someone who has. It takes an undistracted focus and awareness to even perceive what the aliens are doing. Unfortunately the main focus of Ufology is to look at the physical evidence only, which will never get us to the next level of where we need to be - to truly deal with the beings.

You find information about Eve Lorgen, her work and the love bite cases here:
The whole interview in german language and some links: ... s/article.php?storyid=453

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