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Artikel : 'Accursed Pentecost'
Erstellt am 19.04.2015 16:11:09 (4704 x gelesen)

Englische Übrsetzung meines Originaltextes: "Verpfingst nochmal" von 2011/2012:


'Accursed Pentecost' (Original:Verpfingst nochmal)

The jewish festival Schawuot (shavuot) is celebrated 50 days after Pessach (Passah/Pas-Shah),
Schawuot became the christian holiday of Pentecost (german: Pfingsten).
Schawuot is an original 'thanksgiving' festival, connected to harvest of wheat - hence a sacrifice ritual. Schawuot, = originally hebr.: 'savuot', is said to mean 'weeks', which of course is not right :)

The holy ghost is coming over the people on Pentecost and makes them talk in foreign languages (german: foreign tongues'). Something similar happened to Regan in 'The exorcist': The demon (Pazuzu) took over and made her speak in foreign voices and languages. The holy ghost speaking 'through' people gives a good idea as to who is responsible for the fundamental achievement of human development: Language.

The animal, thats sacrificed on pentecost, has to meet the requirements of the perfect has to be the most beautiful and most healthy animal and is splendiferous decorated. Animal sacrifices, also nowaday halal slaughtered ones, are really a substitute for a human sacrifice. Life energy and blood belong to 'God', then the leftover flesh can be eaten by man. The most prefered human offer through all history, was a baby, children, or virgin for their energetic purity.

The old traditions show, that gods prefer those similar to themselves: perfect ones, and - in a reversal conclusion - this suggests, that gods don't like imperfection very much. This assumption is pobably part of religious behavior, for humans have always not only subdued themselves to gods, but also, in many rituals through history, tried to imitate them. Also, gods demanding perfect sacrifices, might have fed racist ideas ever since, or explain, why apparently „useless“ folks has always been easily enslaved. And human behavior of prefering 'beauty' may not only lay in the promising suitable genes of beauty, but also in this early religious tradition. God wants fresh and young, perfect beauty, hence it is better! The religious tradition of staying a virgin until getting married (taught by almost every religion), is connected to his.

[I am now adding a part from another text:]
According to ancient egyptian mythology astronomy, Sha – as Sa-turn - is also considered the heavenly Taurus- God (also = Horus / 'Hor-Ka-Pet').. because of its head-surrounding 'ring' (see: , )
(There's way more to say to this Horus-Saturn-Taurus connection, I wrote about it in another text]

However...this Saturn ring is the corona, the head-surrounding crown, which looks like the Taurus horns, that 'surround' the Taurus' head (alos notice the Toyota logo = Taurus = Saturn).
The name Stefan (Stephen etc.) – usually said to mean Corona – really means 'Taurus horns' as well, because the indogermanic 'Stewo' and 'Tawro' mean Taurus. Later they also melted in with each other and turned into german 'Stier' (Taurus).
Finally, the Corona / Crown are 'Krone' in german, and Saturn is also Kronos (Chronos).

The goddesses Hera and Juno were mostly shown with a Stephane (Corona/ Chaplet...notice: Sha-Plat) on their head, as sign of their 'value' or 'royalty'. Wearing hair-chaplets during cultic rituals has been documented since early times, also animal sacrifices were decorated with chaplets. The Corona /Chaplet marks the pureness, the 'godlike' value.
That's why the germans in the 19. Century added a special paragraph to their book of civil law called 'Kranzgeld' (Corona-/Chaplet-Money), althoug none of those, that brought this law up ever known about its true background.. and I don't think alot of ppl known about it anyway. However, I do. The law said, a deflowered fiancee will be paid a certain amount by the fiance, in case he does not marry her.

This particular woman was - from that time on - called 'Strohjungfer' (Straw-Virgin) for she wasn't good enough anymore, virgin, hence not a pure suitable sacrifice anymore, her energy was crushed! She was now 'sa-crificed' already, and the sacrificing value was lost. She could not volunteer as a field-sacrifice anymore (in case she ever wanted to haha).
Thus in case of a future wedding, she had to wear a Straw Chaplet (Sha-plat) – as a sign she was 'sacrificed' already, AND as 'symbolical' reset into virginity.
This ancient religious tradition has also turned the husband into the (sacrificing) priest and the wife into the sacrifice. It's fascinating to find this ancient religious tradition – transformed into a rule - in a german code of law, although it has been removed a few years ago. (When I was at professional school, it was still in there though).
[End of the smuggled in 'Corona part' from the other text.... and back to the beautiful sacrifice:]

Typical 'Pfingstochsen' (adorned ox's) are still used in southern german-speaking parts during (harvest-) festival traditions. Those that don't have an 'Ox' (Taurus), will build one made of straw. Straw replacements are very common in our 'modern' sacrifice rituals (notice 'burning man', and many other straw-man burning traditions, especially during easter festivals, or in scandinavian countries).

But getting back to Schawuot / Savuot: The syllable 'Vuot/Wuot' later turned into Wuotan, or Wotan/Wodan, and means (german) 'Wut' (= brit. 'anger'). Wotan is connected to Wodu = Vodun = Vodoo, but etymologically this is based on 'Wind'. The 'holy ghost is coming from heaven to earth in a hissing storm, an angry wind, and bursts out himself over mankind. and splits their tongues with fire, - we also get an early description of the wild army (Wodans army), or, in other words, as well a sort of an ancient ufo phenomenon, which never ceases to manipulate human belief.

Schawuot, 50 days after Pa-Scha (Passah) is also connected to Schah - like the persian Schah (shah)... - according to Wiki, Sha or Sa is used for 'leader, King' … (based on this also: Schach /chess, game of the kings) and this syllable obvious describes an ancient god. The god 'Scha' (or Sa/ Sha) demanded sacrifices and was the ruler of life and death and a very angry one too (Wuot = anger). Hence, wiki gives out the hint, Sha also sometimes means: fool (trickster/joker), that sometimes hides the chess figures (beause 'he' rules all games.... ).
Sa/Sha was thought to be the planet Saturn, the (re)-turning Sa, at ancient times also considered to be the 'dark sun.or the heaven's Taurus. In physical appearance on earth, the Sa/Sha was called Sa-tan.

The name 'Schamane' (engl. shaman) is very likely connected to Sha as well; he is a priest and moral leader of a group, and it is and was his job to perform the sacrifice. Shaman is the (chosen) man of the Sha, messenger between God and men. It is said, the official etymological derivation of 'shaman' is unknown. Well, that's probably because the language scientists don't know anything about demonic-sacrifing-religious backgrounds. They assume, the word 'shaman' COULD be based on tungusian (?) 'saman', and the etymology of saman is unknown as well. 'Saman' however is clearly linked to german Samen (Seed) and we always get back to this deep connection between sowing by using seed, and gods semen...both suitable to create new life.

Th Sha/Sa is, what we also know as grim reaper... or Sa-turn (Kronos/chronos, god of TIME). He was (is) to be feared, because he ends life.

Also, we find the meaning of straw in the sowing, seed and farming topic, I have written four long texts about this, called 'Strohwodenwahn 1-4'. A 'Strohwode' (would be translated into: straw Wode) is the part in the middle of the field, that after the harvest will stay uncut, as a sacrifice to Wodan/Wotan/Wuotan, or his horse Sleipnir (sleip' = related to 'to slip'...into the otherworld, probably also connected to sleep).
Schawuot (the angry Sha/Sa) – the forgotten Dark Sun God – is found allover our language and culture.

Anubis, the eygyptian god of guiding the dead is a jackal, german Schakal (persian Sa-gal) and must be considered to be one of 'them'. Also the word sha-dow (german Schatten, which if you track it down is connected with darkness, fog, etc) may be based on some Sha/Sa idea. Sha obvious isn't only considered to be a flying, stormy god but also a ghostly, dark creature for its the ruler of our time, hence its death.

Also the persian 'Inshallah' lets me hypothesize (->in sha allah – 'God willing'...and invocation of His will), that Shallah is obvious a pre-form or a variant of the name 'Allah'. Shah, Shallah, Allah, - and also the 'hall behind the wall where the deads are: 'Walhalla' (Valhalla), seem to be related clearly by their original meaning AND writing. However ...after all, Allah desrcibes the word ALL (german 'alles') and is also used in the german word for universe ('Weltall': all the world).

The indian word Chaturanga /Shaturanga is used to descripe the indian army of the four elements (sanskrit: turangalia, rhythm, movement, dynamics).Turanga is the speed of a horse and Chaturanga is a mounted army, just as Wodans wild army of demons and ghosts, and as the pentecost god. The Sha on turangas (Sha on horses). This army – depending on time and culture – was also mentioned as ships, god-wagons, ufos etc..
The horse, in connection with the mounted army, means Mare (as in Night.mare, german 'Mahre' =Horse) and was considered to be part of the nightly and stormy army of demons, hence the Alp (= german 'Old-Hag', = a vampire) and whoever else sucks out peoples energy at night (Lungcrusher, Vampire, Incubus,Popbawa, Konishiba etc etc) was considered to fly through a persons window in the night on a horse! [Horse is very close related to Taurus and Horus (Rus/Ross = german horse etc), which I explain in other texts on my page].

Hebr., 'Shalom' (arab. salam: ' as-salāmu alaikum', - also names like Salomo, Suleiman etc.) means, according to Wiki: Whole, intact, peace. Or: healed. Shalom, and Salam are based on the consonants s-m-l (semitic), which also formed the word 'Islam' (which probably really was something like I-shalam) S-m-l obvious points out to an inviolable god, that demanded uncontradicted subjection, in return you would experience being whole and healed. Heal and whole... are pretty much the same. Heal also refers to the hell (lit up place of the gods, Walhalla, the Hall, and german lit up Hölle = hell) and at the same time to All (the WHOLE), Allah german: alles.

In another text called 'Halloween' I explained it like this:

[Halloween is etymologically based on 'Hellequin' which is another word for the 'heavenly' riding army of demons and ghosts or Wodans wild army...or other odd fairys, appearing and dancing in the stormy wind...
'Hallo' (hello, hal, whole, hall, hell, halo - also Brother Grimms 'Frau Holle' as leader of the riding pack) is also connected to halgian (holy). Anything 'holy' was originally conneced to hell (only much later especially christian church changed this belief), just as anything sacred is linked to the Sa/Sha.
(Consider Sacred and Sac, as the disemboweld skin of an animal sacrifice, and the connection to sacrum, the holy bones surroundig the reproduction organs ...will get to this at some time in the future.)
The connections are not clearly mentioned anywhere, although it would be very helpful to point them out, so the undoubted link between paranormals and religious would be made! Religions are paranormal.

The syllable 'kin' in Hellekin (= Hellequin) is btw related to old english 'kin' (compare german 'Kind' = children), hence Halloween really means: right from hell, or descended from hell. A Harlekin (harlequin = hellequin) is of course a child from hell. The joker/clown/harlequin/ trickster is the most clear version of a demon, because he actually blatantly shows, that he is masked] < end of quote

Most people are religious, in one way or another. Our languages give out what all the religions share: The fear of God, the ALL-embracing power. I'm sure this force has alot of humour, given the fact that mankind has done the strangest things in order to appease and attract God, especially regarding the many self-flagellation rituals from human history. Sacrificing rituals are always targeted on surviving, especially surviving BETTER than before - by being treated nice by God and stay untroubled. I give (offer) him (God) something like suffer, pain, sorrow, blood, or someone elses life, in order to get something good in return.

Looking at the sacrificing festival called Passah (Pessach/Pashah) – celebrated 50 days before Schawuot: The hebrew word Pessach/Passah (engl.: Passover) is based on the root 'abprallen' (engl to bounce off, to rebuff, to ricochet...something like that) and really describes the passing, leaving out, or skipping jewish houses during Jah-wes (Jahveh) 'tribunal' on eygyptian male firstborns, in the night of leaving eygpt. The hebrews were left untroubled because they protected their doors with a sign, very likely made with the blood of a sacrificed lamb.
Passah /Pascha/ Pessach is to be found in the german 'passieren' (to pass), but also in 'to pass over' in the meaning of passing life...and over the border into death (pass away).

Moreover, both festivals, Schawuot, and Pessach/Pasha/Passah ('the passing Sha') pointed out several times.. include the syllable 'Sha. It's all abou the 'wuot' (angry) Sa/Sha. In another text, called 'Playbunny', I wrote:

„The franconian church's latin uses the notation 'albae paschales' for the easter week, which is based on a catholic tradition, that says, new baptised babies have to be dressed in white for the spirng's-church service (white Sunday 'Dominica in Albis).“ (quote end)
Does that mean, new baptized babies are traditonally dressed in the typival virgin color 'white' for the Pessach/Pascha festival, in order to have them symbolical prepared to be taken by the angry Scha? Is the christian baptism (german Tau-fe, tau = Taurus, Horus, Horse) perhaps really the symbolical preparation for a sacrifice? Are all baptized people, perhaps, symbolically sacrificed? Would I be surprised?

Since Pessach/Pa-shah on principle describes the taking of the 'firstborn baby' by some God, and the skipping (pass) of some other babies, both festivals can be linked to the Sha's appetite for babies (or to the fact people thinking this to be the case). Assuming, the Sha needs fresh baby sacrifices on Pessach/Pasha/Pascha, explains the origin of this festival. It shows, as all other scarifice festivals, the total subjection to a bloodthirsty God, really a Parasite or a Vampire, who was - according to the author and Prof. Claude Lecouteux (Sorbonne, Paris) the „first experinced demonic God“ in humans history. This vampiristic phenomenon (Alp, Old Hag, Witch, Incubus, Popobawa, Lungcrusher, Succubus etc) seems to be an important connecting factor in human language. That way, its also present nowadays and 'his' name will be called on numberless occasions...
Language almost performs an autonomous evolution, as if it is alive and has some intelligence

The syllable Sa/Sha (as in Shalom) isn't only noticed in jewish Passah and Shavuot/Schawuot, but also in the word Schabbat/ Sabbat ('sbt')– the weekly jewish holiday. Again, here 'Sha' means skipping (ending, passing) the work of the week, in favor of worshipping god. Of course, we call this day (span.) Sabado, (ital.) Sabato, (ger) Samstag, (fr.) Samedi (compare to Baron Samedi, the grim reaper demon from Vodoo culture). Only the english Saturday does clearly refer to Saturn, but it's honoring the same Sa/Sha as well... It's not known, whether Satyr (Sha-tyr, ..tyr = german: Tier = animal) is connected to Saturday/Saturn as well, but its pretty likely. (I have written about 'Tyr' in other texts)

Satan (semitic: 's-t-n', aramaic: Satana, persian: sheytan, arabian: saytan, pl: Shayatin) means Enemy, Devil, Prosecutor, in a verb version ('schatana') it means being distant, and absent. The angry (wuot) Sha (Shavuot) is of course Satan, considered the heavens taurus (ring/horn surrounded Saturn), and this ancient belief is still underlaying every common belief nowadays. At least the three world religions Judaism, Islam and Christinaity are based on Satan worshipping and they're all very close related.

And ...there doesn't seem to be any escape, alone by using LANGUAGE we are all wrapped up in makes me wanna shake my head - but careful: Too much shaking might hurt my neck and I might need a Sanitäter (para/medic). The satanic 'Whole, Heal and Salvation, german: Heil' – related to holy and hell – has left its marks especially in town names: Sain, Sankt, St, Santa, Sao, San (related to sanctus, holy, hallowed, sacred... Spririus sanctus = holy ghost = ghost from hell). The meaning of the once invulnerable, untouchable – hence superhuman – basic form is mirrored in the word 'sane' (german: 'gesund'), and contrary 'in-sane'. Sa/Sha is the basic for San-itär, Sanitäter (sanitary, german also paramedic). The words that are used for something SANE and anything healthy, holy and whole, is really describing a dark, satanic wuthering ghost phenomenon. So who is the master of Sa-tire? By tightly following our languages, we find that we will only be whole and sane once we find ourselves dead at the illuminated hell.

JAH, based on JHWH (YWHW, Jahwe, Jehova; and root for Johannis/John), worshipped at
Ja-maica, also is the 'angry Sha' (Saturn). Jhwh is God's poper name in the Tanach (tanakh) and means the liberator of the Israeli nation: „I am Jhwh who has guided you out of egypt“.
[wiki says: Tanakh is an acronym of the first Hebrew letter of each of the Masoretic Text's three traditional subdivisions: Torah ("Teaching", also known as the Five Books of Moses), Nevi'im ("Prophets") and Ketuvim ("Writings")—hence TaNaKh.< end of wiki quote. They forgot to mention, that Tora(h) means Taurus. Muslims refer to the Torah as Tawrat (توراة, "Law"). However, the ruler is obvious Saturn(us), the Taurus God].

As mentioned above (quote):„The hebrew word Pessach/Passah (engl.: Passover) is based on the root 'abprallen' (engl to bounce off, to rebuff, to ricochet...something like that) and really describes the passing, leaving out, or skipping jewish houses during Jahwes (Jahveh) 'tribunal' on eygyptian male firstborns, in the night of leaving eygpt. The hebrews were left untroubled because they protected their doors with a sign, very likely made with the blood of a sacrificed lamb.“ < end of quote

According to several sources, JHWH is based on Cha, or Sabaoth (Zebaoth), meaning 'army', and again leads back to Wotans wild Army (Vodoos wild army). Interestingly we see a lingusitical connection with angels, that were once calles 'Cherub', pl. Cherubim (Che=Cha/Jah/Scha/Sa/Satan)
The angels, btw., show up in the flying vehicle called 'Merkaba', which is why the turkish 'welcome' is 'Merhaba'. The 'kaba' in Merkaba points out to the Kaba, Kaaba = Kubus/Cube (note the hexagon shaped Saturn storm at it'spole).

Jah, also 'Jahbulon' (whereupon 'bul' traces back to the god's names Biel, Bel, Ba'al) is the last syllable in the word Halleluja (Halle-lu-Jah). Of course, Halleluja – hebr. Hallulu-jah – means Halle=Hall=Hölle=hell, hence Sa-tans illuminated hell. Allegedly Halleluja is based on hebr.: 'CHA: halalūjāh' (vaunt Jah/Jahwe).

The 'hall' (in Halleluja, Halloween ... etc) is connected to halal slaughter, hell-related slaughter. The blood of the slaughtered animals (muslim halal, similar to jewish kosher) ist of course reserved for the angry Jah (Jahwe/Scha/Saturn/Satan), which is why this slaughter method, a sacrificing method, exists (all sacrifice is for the bloodthirsty Satan, NEVER for a loving God). In islamic world, halal is understood as 'allowed', but the real meaning is 'for hell' or 'all goes to hell'. Jewish rules for kosher butchering are more sophisticated, so halal meat does not meet these requirements, but both methods are very similar and serve the same purpose.

I've often mentioned, that godly and satanic powers are one, and this is an very old insight. As explained, all common religions and religious invocations are idolising a satanic force
(Notice: The chapel: Cha appeal). The satanic part seems to lay within every multifunctional God. If Gods demand human sacrifice, and – out of fear and greed - humans follow(ed) this, then the satanic pact is closed. Human culture, language and religions are based on this deal .. made with a manipulative and bloodthirsty power. And although mankind always failed to get equal with God, they can compete as far as killing, hacking into pieces, and massacring go. We are all dirty little sinful manslayers, or co-perpetrators. And so was the plan :)

The ancient egyptian, bearded God 'Iah' (iah = Jah, Joh, Jaw, - compare:. Jarchibol) is a moon God, who was later merged into the bad tempered Chons, the maneater God (german for bad tempered: Jähzorn, -Jaeh-zorn - which means Jah-anger, notice Herakles/Hercule). Chons is said to wear a curl at one side of his hair. Finally, Iah became follower of the highest God of heaven: Bel (Bel = Ba'al = Wodan = Marduk usw.). He is depicted in a hyroglyph sickle (reaping hook – connection to Saturn/Chronos/grim reaper).

Wearing dreadlocks and uncut beards of some Rastafari's (Jah-maicans) points out to their bond with Gott. Hair (and beards) have always been considered a religious expression...and is originally based on mimicing (imitating) a hairy God (those like Wodan, marduk, Tyr/Satyr/Satan, werewolf, Wild Man/BigFoot, Santa Claus, most dwarfs, Brownies etc.) Members of the jewish religion show it through their side locks. That's why during the time of the twelve days/nights (german: Rauhnächte), between dec 25th and jan 6th, hair shouldn't be cut.

Santas (Wotans) big bushy beard reminds me of the old german saying 'Beim Barte des Propheten' (by the beard of the prophet), which sort of is an oath to speak the truth. On one hand, the beard is a kind of 'mask' and – as in a clowns face – gives a hint, that something else is hiding behind the surface, and that a trick is used; on the other hand, the beard is supposed to make an evil creature look old, wise and autoritarian. Often the devil himself was described as an allover hairy creature, shaggy and matted, looking more like an animal than a human. Howard Phillips Lovecraft for example used this demonic picture in the 'Cthulhu-Mythos', in which the univers is ruled by the mad God Azathoth.

Men obvious especially worshipped hairy creatures. In german, a very delicate, complicated and dangerous situation is called 'haarig' (hairy). What could be more delicte than a very bored 'Jah-angered' (jähzornig = bad tempered) God, who forces religious traditions and rituals onto people by his behavior. And getting back to the word 'Schawuot (shavuot), it now is clear, the 'angry Sha' is described in the german word 'Jähzorn' (violent temper). The official etymological explaination suggests, the word 'JÄH' (= abrupt, sudden) may be based on old germanic forms of 'ga' and 'gahi' (fast, hasty). The out-of-german connections of this german word are, as usual, not considered. Hence the word JÄH officially remains mostly unexplained....

The indian saturday is 'Shanivar' and is based on 'Shani', the vedic God, comparable to Saturn.
Charon, the ferryman from greek mythology, who takes the dead ones over to the realm of the dead after they paid an Obolus (connected to Obelisc, german Opfer, = sacrifice), is also connected to the Sa/Sha/Scha/Cha/ creatures.
Wedding rings, in case you didn't know, don't only stand for marital togetherness, but they are a symbol for subjectedness to Saturn/Satan. Hence, conjugal sex, the only one accepted by the church, can be viewed as a satanic sex ritual (which then takes your sacrifice value, as explained).
But not the ring finger but the middle (fuck you) finger is considered to be the Saturnsfinger, simply because its the longest finger and counts as phallussymbol.
The Vodoo-connected, south US carnival acitivites called 'Mardi Gras' includes the forwarding of necklaces, which is very likely also based on this 'ring' tradition; also a halo is nothing but a saturn symbol).

Despite Satan and Saturn are being associated with the color black, theyre considered to be light and lit up (german 'hell', illuminated= lucifer). The visible, black 'evil' of this creature, when it shows on earth in a physical body, is found in the syllable 'tan', which I will eventually write about.
Btw.Wiki says, Jerusalem (arabic: al-Quds / asch-Scharif, القدس; hebr: Jeruschalajim, ירושלים), was first mentioned as 'Uruschalim'. According to wiki it means: City of Schalim (Salim) or city of Peace.....

My original webpage text from 2011/2012: ... s/article.php?storyid=177

Shalom and Inshallah, Cori

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